Pure Water System
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Clarity Pure Water Cleaning System

'Clarity purified water means there is nothing in the water to leave any residue on the windows'

We prefer to purify our own water at our premises to ensure it is the best quality, rather than buying from outside sources. 
Mains water is firstly softened before running through a bank of solids filters.  It is then pumped at high pressure through three reverse osmosis membranes before being deionised in a resin bed.
We then bulk store the water ready to be pumped into the van tanks as required.

Our vehicles are equipped with pumps and up to 100-metres of micro-bore hoses to send the water to the carbon fibre poles up to a height of 60-feet from the safety of the ground. The windows and frames are scrubbed clean using brush heads incorporating low-pressure water jets. Purified water in itself is quite an aggressive cleaner as it always tries to get back to its natural impure state. Finally with a rinse of pure water the glass is left to dry to leave an excellent clean and sparkling finish.

We also have a portable system to access areas where it is not convenient to run hoses such as internal courtyards and roof terraces.

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